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No secret that I know very little about web related things. When there is a problem I have to go to my techie guy. Sometimes that takes days, but I will always try to solve the problem.
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  • Stringers?

    I am looking to purchase a 1998 Shamrock Walkaround. Does this boat have wood stringers? If so, where is the best place to inspect them. What else should I look out for in this 22 year old boat?

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    Yes it does have wood stringers but there is enough glass on them, that the wood can rot and the structure of the boat still being intact. The wood acted like a stay in place form.
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      Overall the Shamrocks tend to sit a bit 'nose down', with the weight distribution and hull shape making the hull just forward of the engine and towards the bow sitting lowest in the water. If there would be water anywhere in the bilge you would notice it there first. With that being said you could access a stringer just forward of the engine to test it. Like Ship said, the glassing in Shamrocks is pretty thick and the wood acted much like a form for the stringers.
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        That boat was built either by KCS International or Bo Palmer, so I don't know how it was built. Might want to stick your head into some places that don't usually get seen. Might also want to move this question to the general discussions forum
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          If allowed, unscrew something from bilge that is screwed into the stringer. Not a fool proof method but if water comes out then you have an answer, may also be able to feel if screw is wet, and maybe the smell. The rotted wood would would make stink. Also can look for stains in bilge that start at stringers..would be a dark brown to black from the rotted wood.