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Lifting up deck 26 Express

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  • Lifting up deck 26 Express

    Bad fuel sender on port tank. Looks like I'll have to lift the deck to get access, how big/ vile a project is it ?

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    Understand the Express was manufactured '94-'03, after my Mack. Not familiar with the Express layout, but if you have the deck hatches over the fuel tanks, and assuming nothing is on top of them, it's not a hard job. Again, not sure of the access/layout of an Express.

    You know this but Ill say it anyway, you are working over essentially an open can of gas. Be careful of sparks, etc. Also, depending on your tanks' design/age, the sending unit will either be held in with screws and gasket or threaded in like a pipe plug.

    Before you pull the sending unit check the connections and ground.
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      I have worked on a few express models. Post up a picture of your deck . I won't ever work on one again.
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        Looks pretty straighforward. But even with the deck up I'll have to get under the side deck to get at the screws. Tested it, definitely sender sunk. I'm too big to fit in front of engine & still reach it, just barely touch the connections to determine dead.