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Engine misfires

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    Correct no in line resistor.


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      But still the problem wasnt there until you installed the new ignition correct? It doesn't matter whether its the same or not. Its still different and should be considered. Am I reading this wrong?
      1980 pilot house 351
      1988 260 predator 408


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        You are partially correct. I did change out the coil but not the magnetic ignition a couple of years ago when this problem started. I went back to the original coil and the problem was still there. I read somewhere if you don’t have the correct resistance coil it can damage the magnetic ignition so I did a direct replacement of the ignition with a coil that was recommended by Pertronix for the magnetic ignition.

        I inspected the check value on each tank and the ball and spring seem to be functioning correctly. I guess I’m down to inspecting the tank pick up to see if the screen ( if it has one) is partially clogged. Outside of that I’m out of ideas.