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trim tab hydraulic pump mounting

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  • trim tab hydraulic pump mounting

    Well just checked my engine hold down bolts and 3 out of 4 on the port side just pulled out with no resistance. Gonna have to bite the bullet, but it gives me an opportunity to do things I was hesitant about doing this year. I don't have any experience in replacing and moving car engines but may not be as tough as I imagined when I first realized where I was headed.
    There are some great examples of folks getting it done on this site and it gives me some inspiration to push forward.

    Also, was wondering about the hydraulic pump mounting on the bulkhead forward of the engine (on 20' open). I noticed several photos of them with the box on top of the pump , but mine seems to be mounted upside down with the box below . There appears to be a bracket for it where the pump slides up and down.

    Is this a screw up by a previous owner? How are your hydraulic pumps mounted. Sorry my phone was dead whern I was out there earlier or I would have linked a photo.

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    well, apparently what I thought was a the cover is the resevoir and it's oriented on the bottom as it should be . my pump section is missing a cover.... duh... should have searched internet before I ask a dumb question.....


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      They only go one way to fit in the mounting bracket.
      1988 26' cuddy
      1975 20' open
      16' Sandpiper
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        One thing that I still think is odd, is that of the 2 hydraulic lines coming from the pump, one is capped and the other goes to the transom and is teed. Is this normal?


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          No. Separate lines allow the tabs to work independently- the way yours is both tabs work the same. You have lost the ability to balance the boat from side to side depending on fuel or people loading


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            I'll add replacing the lines to the list.

            I think I saw you tube video installing the unit and lines and they appeared to be synthetic material not copper tubing.

            I will look into that too I suppose.


            • T-Bone929k
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              T-Bone929k commented
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              Bear with me and i'll give you as much info as possible.

              Yes they are synthetic black hydraulic lines. Very easy to do but a little tedious to bleed all the air out.

              I would have a concern about your pump though if it has one port blocked off like that simply because thats not factory. My first assumption would be that a portion of the system has failed and they plumbed it so they could atleast have trim. If this is the case there are usually only two solenoids on the pump (one for each tab). 99% of the time it is either a faulty electrical connection or a faulty solenoid and not the actual pump. I found that my helm switch was the culprit and had corroded internally allowing the tabs to go down but only allowing one of them to go back up. In your case i would test to make sure that the port blocked off will pressurize when pressing the helm switch. If it clicks then the solenoid functions and you should also hear the pump turn on. If this is the case then the solenoid is probably clogged. At that point remove it (they simply unscrew) and check for a clog in the port. No matter which control button you push for either tab (up or down) you should here a click as well as the pump motor activate. If you don't hear both then more than likely it is a bad helm control panel and not the solenoid or motor.

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            I just replaced the lines in my 26. Think I have about 45-50 ' left.
            1988 26' cuddy
            1975 20' open
            16' Sandpiper
            14' Certified Fiberglass


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              Thanks for the heads up T-bone.

              I will check on the sounds next time I get in the boat. I do know the pump energizes when I push the lever up and down will get more detailed next time I look at it.

              Looks like I am headed to a complete refurb so I will check the hydraulics and the solenoid when I start disassembling.

              Quick, I assume they are all the same size, are you looking to sell what I would need for the 20 open?