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gas tank fill line deck hole

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  • gas tank fill line deck hole

    Finally got my engine running, been 2 years I guess. And I decided to take a look at the starboard fuel tank after getting the fuel backing up (some thing is blocking the fill line I guess).

    So with intentions of pulling the tank and inspecting the bottom and sides, and cleaning and repaint etc. I thought the top looked pretty good.

    I noticed there is nothing stopping water or (spilled from seeping down from the deck thru the cut out in the deck/cover into the fuel tank compartment.

    What have you folks done to prevent seepage into the compartment? Are sealing the cover with goop?
    should have rotated pick before uploading I guess. sorry

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    I don't think you can ever really seal the top cover...
    Best defense is to have drains (limber holes) from the tank compartmen going into the bilge.
    1986 26' HT w/5.7 PCM 330HP RWC


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      As radioman said, you won't completely prevent stuff leaking in, but you can greatly reduce it by filling the seam with something like Boat Life. It is flexible and can easily be removed later when you need to do further maintenance.
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        Ditto, can't stop water from getting in, just give it a way out.
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          added a better pic,

          I am thinking a small vertical lip on the i side of the cut out.

          May try it as I will be filling lots of stripped and chewed up screw hole all over the deck and beefing up and modifying the battery bridge so I will be doing epoxy work anyway. Man I have never seen so many stripped holes, the screws hardly do anything.

          Previous owner says the boat was in a barn in Tennessee for about 15 years and seldom used by his dad.


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            I have always thought the same. Sometime when I have nothing to do I'm going to pull the covers and check the tanks. My dad replaced the tanks but I'm pretty sure he did not coat them because there was no helpful internet sites when he did it in the late 90's. Then we will see about adding some sort of lip. You can't even wash the deck off without water getting in there.


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              When I removed my tanks to glass them years ago and had the fill covers off I used pieces of 1/8" x 2" PVC to build a dam around the opening. 4200 was used to hold the dam in place.

              regards Holty