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Damper plate

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  • Damper plate

    I am in the process of making the 351 Ford to 350 Chevy swap. I pulled a Mercruiser 350 Mag MPI from another boat that had a V drive installed. I need to mate the old Velvet Drive to the new Chevy engine. Everything lines up with the bellhousing, but I am going to need a new damper plate. Was looking for recommendations on what damper plate I need. Thanks.

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    Did you try your old Ford one to see if it matches your Chevy flywheel? Many fit multiple engines but only one make trans. Read this here - look under ALTDA-106 or ALTDA-106A . These are both the same damper,one just has the ears trimmed. I don't recommend them they can be difficult with help or returns.
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      You could also ask Vince at Skidim,he is very helpful and knows his stuff


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        I did try the Ford damper on the chevy and none of the holes lined up. So.eone else recommended the ALTDA-106, I think I will be going with that plate, thanks


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          Well ordered the DA-106 yesterday and a new trans cooler since the 350 has a 1 1/4" raw water pump. Still have to get a strainer and need to find the remote oil lines, getting there.


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            Will you be parting out the 351?


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              Planning on selling it whole. It is complete and runs fine.