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Moved, Update, Need batteries

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  • Moved, Update, Need batteries

    Hi all, Good to be able to have a minute to sit down and communicate. I have quickly, suddenly, moved to Tennessee. We have been researching the possibility or a while, then all of a sudden everything kind of fell in place......alot quicker than we thought. We have purchased a lot in Tellico village - a planned community located on Tellico Lake between Chattanooga and Knoxville. We are currently having our "forever home" built for the third and hopefully, last time. Our home in Florida sold within 24hours of listing.....put us in a tizzy, but we got closed and moved within 2 months.
    The good and the bad news is I brought the Shammy with me. I had finally contracted with a glass guy in Florida to fix the rot issues I had with the plywood I put in the raise top project from 2013.
    Because of our sudden home sale I had to push him to complete the project cause we were moving! Upon going to pick it up for the trip to Tennessee, I found out he had never started on it. The boat had just sat in front of his shop for three weeks. Barely got the boat to Tennessee as two of the four tires on the trailer almost failed the 12 hour tri up I-75. One had a buldge out the sidewall the size of my fist, another was showing cord....said alot of prayers the last three hours of that trip in the dark.
    I have got one tire replaced, and went to run the boat for the first time since we got here two days ago. Low and behold my batteries were gone.....someone in Florida stole them while the Shammy was sitting in front of the glass guys shop. So......if youre still reading, What kind of batteries do you guys suggest in this day and age.............
    Thanks, Ken

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    Wow Ken you have been busy! I just use Group 27 Duralast batteries from Autozone. So I have 2. A deep cycle marine for electronics and such and a start battery for starting the engine of course. Good luck with them so far.
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      Got the batteries from Auto Zone Not usually my go to place, but happy with them. Got Shammy cranked up and run for a short time......have no water source where boat is stored.
      Now that I am in Tenn I need to winterize the engine. I have a closed system, and have flushed it a couple of times while in Florida ....therefore I have no antifreeze left in the system Can someone tell me what kind of antifreeze I am supposed to use?? I have a 2007 Chevy 350. Thanks, Ken


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        From the (our) owners manual for our 07 chevy PCM....
        Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG954497_20201027_090724.jpg Views:	0 Size:	369.0 KB ID:	29287
        so this would have been the original antifreeze used if that helps.
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          What shop did you hire to do the glass work ?


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            Still no luck with getting repairs done. One guy quoted me, then got a job and dumped out on doing side jobs. the other guy never got back to me with a quote price. From our conversation I think he really was afraid of the job and how long it would tie up his shop....besides he a glass man and really wants to do gelcoat type projects.....not what I want. Another marina is too busy doing winterizing to want to bother with me...............
            Did get it winterized yesterday. Thinking of doing the panels myself then just letting someone do the glass coat, ready for paint and then install in sections as I did originally...................