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White smoke/ steam

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    With the tropical storm....Which was nothing, couldnt take out the boat. I believe I found the problem. New belt on pump and stretched quit a bit. More troubleshooting will tell.

    But at idle what should be the temp different between sides. I know one is typically less water than other. By temp gun on the manifolds and risers are within 5 deg of each other. at about 98 deg. But about 2' from risers at exhaust hose is about 15 deg hotter on starboard side. It was 98 at port and about 115 deg at starboard at about 1000 rpm. Normal?


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      Took out the boat first time this year yesterday. Still having same exact problem. Over winter put brand new water pump on with new impeller. Also changed riser gasket, thought maybe leaking were I cant see. Old gaskets had no sign of water intrusion looked water tight. I changed anyway. 30+ mile trip. Temp stayed 140-160 all day. NO water in oil at all. Maybe nature of the beast? Stainless risers are next


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        Three questions:
        1. Are you Full RWC, Half FWC (engine but not manifolds), or Full FWC (engine and manifolds, but not risers)? (FWC=Fresh Water Cooled & RWC = Raw Water Cooled.)
        2. When were the manifolds and risers last replaced?
        3. Boat used in salt or fresh water?
        Some white vapor is normal, especially this time of year, however excessive white vapor can be an indication of reduced water flow. Causes include 1) bad pump (which you replaced), 2) semi-clogged manifold/risers, and 3) air in-leakage such as through loose fitting.hose, pump seal, or at the raw water strainer. (I recently posted where my strainer's bowl was cracked resulting in significant air in-leakage.)
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          Raw water cooled. 351 Windsor. Risers and exhaust at least 3 years old. Took of both risers and manifolds off to install the Hi tek stainless ones. Manifold dont show any water intrusion. I would guess water in them would steam the exhaust ports and they would look clean. All four on both sides looked even with a little black exhaust on them. Boat used in both fresh and salt. but flushed everytime with salt away when in salt. It is for sure white smoke/steam. No smell.


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            Like Tuner said. Not enough water exiting the riser and vaporizing in the exhaust hose. Engine won't overheat because it is getting enough water. water is just not going out as it should. On the hose, look at the exhaust.
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              Help with update. Replaced all hoses with new. Inspected and replaced impeller (old was fine). Cleared and checked strainer couldnt find any air intrusion. Cleaned and checked oil cooler.

              Ran Boat for 7 days straight last week 50 miles each day. So roughly 350 miles. Check exhaust each day with heat gun at 3200 Rpms. Never got above 120 deg. Is that about normal? Engine Temp never got above 160 deg except right at idle at long run. pretty much stayed at 160. Then was 175 max for a minute or so (normal).

              It would produce more on some days than others. Some days almost none. The heaviest I saw was running against a hard current coming from salt to fresh with bow up, it was pretty considerable. The inconsistency has me scratching my head.


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                Originally posted by cajunl View Post
                It would produce more on some days than others. Some days almost none.
                And what is different those days- see post #11 Quit worrying and use it