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Tach Jumping

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  • Tach Jumping

    Past couple times out I noticed that the tach would jump when over 3100 rpm. Only seems to happen when engine is warmed up (running over 30 minutes). I am thinking it is some electrical interference as i do not notice any loss of power. I will double check the grounds but i think they are good. Any suggestions? Otherwise boat is running great.

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    What kind of engine? Diesel or gas? My Faria tach which has a sensor counting flywheel teeth (it's a diesel) has been erratic in the past and two things I've done seem to have solved the problem, 1) take out the flywheel sensor and clean it and it's contacts good and and making sure it is really close to the flywheel teeth when replacing it; and 2) rotating the little setpoint screw on the back of the gauge through the various settings and back to its setpoint seemed to clean up the contacts. If you've got a gasser, then someone else here hopefully can chime in to help solve your problem.


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      PCM 351w...faria guage

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    Then see #2 above. Happens alot in all different boats