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Can’t draw from starboard tank

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  • Can’t draw from starboard tank

    Ran the boat for an hour tonight off of the starboard tank and it was choppy. Coming into port the motor started dropping rpm and quit. Switched to port tank and got it going again and checked fuel with the stick. Plenty of fuel. Switched to starboard and it ran at 1400 rpm for about five minutes and quit. Started it back up on the port. I opened the fuel fill cap and tried it. It’s not a vent issue. I blew from the hose on the selector valve to the tank and was able to blow bubbles into the tank so I know it’s not a blocked or collapsed line. (Unless it’s sucking shut). It’s a single filter setup and the fuel is clean and as fresh as can be. Got it back to the dock and switched back and forth a few more times. The last time I tried it it did spit and sputter on the starboard side and then straightened itself out. Alright Shamrock gurus... any idea? FYI this is on the 26 pilothouse with two 50 gallon tanks made by speedy tanks out of NJ.
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    I had this problem on my old Walkthru. Port tank would just die and then be fine until next time like it was possessed. I would run on the starboard for a while and the go back to the port. Sometimes it would take and sometimes it would not.

    What it turned out to be was a piece of debris that looked like a paint chip. It was "winking" in the pickup tube. Stuck but still could move around. I have also seen this on commercial boats.

    A crack in the pickup tube can do this as well.
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      Air intrusion into the suction line can cause loss of suction, like a loose clamp or a pinhole in the line.


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        I have seen all of those things and my bet is on debris.
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          Darn thing ran pefect on the starboard tank the rest of the weekend. Going to replace the anti siphon and keep an eye on it