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Distributor for PCM 4140?

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  • Distributor for PCM 4140?

    Hi again, everyone. I need to know what brand of distributor was originally installed in my 1985 17' CC Shamrock. Mitsubishi 4140.

    The shop manual says it is a Mitsubishi T3T04582. Is that correct, or did PCM change that out for something else more suitable for marine use, ie. a Mallory distributor?

    Still trying to locate/source a replacement breaker points plate that was removed and discarded after an electronic conversion kit was installed by a previous owner.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Here are some pics of the distributor. Is it a Mallory? If so, what model/part number? I would really appreciate your help with this...thanks!
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      Normally there is either a tag on it telling you the make and model or it's stamped into it's side. Might be hidden on the back side.


      • Lyle
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        I have a 4140 near complete. I just tried to get you some information. The motor is behind some heavy stuff and its going to be a bit before I have help to dig it out. It did have what I think was a paper ID on top of the distributor. It had turned yellow and fell apart when I tried to take it off. No info there. if my mind is correct it has points in it and the PO gave me a new electronic setup in a ziplock bag. I do not remember seeing that for a long time. I am sure I did not install it. I will try to get some pictures. I can just reach that area. bear with me, I am old. Lyle

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      Thanks very much, Lyle, but I was able to identify the distributor as a Mallory YL694AV, and a NIB replacement is now on the way from the good folks at Discount Inboard Marine in SC. I appreciate your kind offer to go digging on my behalf, and am thankful for all of the comments and advice provided by members of this great forum. I hope to pay that forward in future. 🚤


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        Here is a list of parts that I have put together with help from many cult members here on this site. Hope it helps.
        Small Facts about PCM 4140.docx
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