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Fresh Packing

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  • Fresh Packing

    After reading Radioman's post, I new it was time to do some

    So I replaced the 4 yr old packing yesterday and used Western Pacific Trading GTU gore packing. I previously replaced the packing after purchasing the boat in 2015 and, decided to upgrade to gore from flax with teflon on this go around.

    I used the 1/4" version...

    The packing I removed years ago was jammed in so tight I had to use long sheet metal screws to get a hold on it. This time, it was much easier to remove with a 90* metal pick and some needle nose pliers. The gore packing is very easy to use, it cuts cleanly with a fresh razor blade and is much more supple compared to the flax packing making for a trouble free install. I used a bit of Syntef lubricant on the shaft side of each packing ring. I installed 3 rings with gaps at Port-Starboard-Port for easy removal.

    I had some corrosion buildup on the "male piece" of the shaft log (I have the style with 2 studs) that prevented further compression of the existing packing so I cleaned the surface with a Dremel.

    Total time was about 45 minutes with the majority spent on removal and cleaning. I'm planning on running the boat on the 4th and making final adjustments on the water.
    1998 260 Mackinaw Sea Maxx 5.7 HO TBI 12' Klamath w/ 20hp Tohatsu EFI

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    Appreciate the detailed info... this is in our immediate future so studying up on it.
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      We ran the boat for a few hours this morning and the log adjustment was close with about 2 drips/second and cool to the touch. I tightened up the packing and reduced the drip to just under 1 drip/second at idle speed. So far so good, I'm liking the synthetic packing!
      1998 260 Mackinaw Sea Maxx 5.7 HO TBI 12' Klamath w/ 20hp Tohatsu EFI


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        Packing puller helps
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          Yes, I worked in a boat yard before college. I'll admit to being a bit "frugal" at times
          1998 260 Mackinaw Sea Maxx 5.7 HO TBI 12' Klamath w/ 20hp Tohatsu EFI