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Filling Old Holes on Deck

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  • Filling Old Holes on Deck

    I'm installing a side mounted captains chair. Therefore, I need to fill the holes where the old captain's chair mounted to the deck in front of the helm (see picture). Obviously, I can't tape under the holes to fill with them epoxy filler. What's the best was to do this?

    Click image for larger version

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    VD 72C 1.91:1/ACME 17x15.5 w/.075 cup 4B

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    Are they screw holes or were they through bolted?

    Our console was screwed down so we mixed a thicken epoxy, put it in a syringe then filled the holes. Maybe 3 or 4 of the approximately 25 holes sagged a little on the first fill, after the epoxy hardened we just topped those off.

    Guessing it wasn’t through bolted or you would be able to put a small tape where nuts were.

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      A great product is Prately QuickSet White Epoxy. It is a thick paste and stays where you put it. It dries fast and easy to sand. I like this product better then Marine Tex since the mix is 1:1. With Marine tex it is a 5:1 mix which is hard to do with small mixes. You can get Prately on Amazon for $10. Another good product is 3M Marine Filler which unlike Epoxy you can paint gel coat over the filler. You cannot paint gel coat of epoxies. The filler dries green and also dries fast and very easy to sand. you can also get that filler on Amazon


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        Also forgot to add with Prately you can add a colorant if you want to darken it to match. Just order a black colorant on Amazon that you can get for Gel Coat


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          Okay, purchased the Prately QuickSet White stuff. I do have some Marine Tex stuff, but I dread doing the 5:1 mixture. It’s a PITA and messy. The 1:1 mixture of this stuff, and the price, is what sold me on this.
          1990 Shamrock Mackinaw
          Mercruiser 383 Stroker MPI
          VD 72C 1.91:1/ACME 17x15.5 w/.075 cup 4B


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            Is the 5:1 ratio by volume? Just asking because I have mixed odd ratios by weight before using a digital kitchen scale that measures down to grams. Just a suggestion. When I was filling holes a couple weeks ago I just used thickened epoxy.


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              TotalBoat epoxy fairing compound is 1:1 and very easy to work - and sand. You will have to paint it when done.


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                Awesome product!