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Test before.

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  • Test before.

    Before cutting the dash for a flush mount piece of electronics, make sure the unit is good.
    1988 26' cuddy
    1975 20' open
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    Good thing you know a good fiberglass guy😉


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      This is how I got my Furuno 1623 radar for free.

      So at work we purchased a self propelled barge that a hired delivery crew drove. They left a radar antenna on it with no display .Looked like it was purchased new for the trip. So I was allowed to keep it. I talked to the electronics guy who we used at the time and he gave me a list of displays that should work with it. I purchased one on ebay for $100.

      So I open it up when I get it and took it out to the backyard. Put the antenna on a step ladder and hooked everything up to a battery. DOESNT WORK???. No picture just an error message. Call the electronics guy up who calls me back after investigating. Turns out he was wrong and units are not compatible. Crap.

      So I put the display back on ebay. Sold it for $200! Guess it pays to go to church. Short time later I find a new in the box 1623 display (now I am sure what I need) listed for $100. I was sure to test that one in the same way. Unit still working on boat now
      '78 20ft Cuddy
      Mercruiser 350 FWC preVortec w/Carb