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Battery rejuvinating

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  • Battery rejuvinating

    Some where there was a topic on an additive to batteries that prolonged their life. Adding some everyday item from around the shop. Anyone remember?
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    I've heard that adding a solution of Epsom Salt to the battery will give it a temporary boost...but if the plates have already shed off enough surface material, they are basically beyond expected life.
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      If your batteries have been discharged for long periods of time, they may have some sulfation. Lead sulfate forms on the negative plates and can be eliminated by charging at 2.55-2.6 volts for about 24 hours, if the batteries are heated to 120-140*F the process is accelerated. Advanced battery chargers often have this feature.

      If the sulfation is not corrected the lead sulfate forms hard crystals on the negative plates that destroy the battery. This is what causes old batteries to swell.
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        maybe this is the thread you Are remembering?
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