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  • fish identity on graph

    Is it possible to tell the difference between a Lake Trout and a white fish on a garmin fish graph? I have a echo map ultra 126sv and lvs34 transducer with a gls10 sonar black box.


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    That would be tough. They all look the same on a screen.
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      Returns on down scan sonar are affected by the size of swim bladder. I don't fish for either species but both lake trout and whitefish have swim bladders, if similar in size, it would be hard to differentiate them.

      In my waters, there is a difference between a school of barracuda or bass. The barracuda tend look like "worms" and the bass make traditional arches.
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        If you know what the fish in your area act like under water and they are of different sizes you can take a very educated guess. For instance where we fish if you have a big show mid column and they are large marks they are usually cudas or jacks. Smaller marks mid to lower column usually red snapper or grouper. Marks just off the bottom usually grouper and other snappers. It’s mainly about size and location and being a spearfisherman I have marked a spot and either sent a guy down or gone down myself so I can put 2&2 together