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Research before buying

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  • Research before buying

    I am working ( months out) up to buying a 20 ft WA. Have questions hoping to get advice.
    Back ground. Just retirered going to move possible Tennessee My budget is in the range of $25000. So I am looking at an older boat. I have owned an inboard, that I built from an ib/on so I have some skills. I not looking for a major project.

    What should I be looking out for as far as problems?
    looks like I want a 351 over 302
    are all the WA keel drive vs tunnel
    want true walk around some are listed as walk around do not appear to be.

    let's start there

    hope to get usefull insite from Shamrock owners

    Thanks in advance

    What is a poll
    What is this

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    Just to be clear I am asking about any Shamrock specific problems.


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      Click image for larger version

Name:	201.jpg
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Size:	2.65 MB
ID:	35902 If you want a 20-keel drive, there are no true walk arounds. Walk Thru, Pilot House, Click image for larger version

Name:	aacadfe2c55c2980ddb64a86b9a86f16-300x194.jpg
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ID:	35899 Click image for larger version

Name:	b7e755df5a6cc16ca95270e63329d141.jpg
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ID:	35900 Click image for larger version

Name:	pedylr.jpg
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Size:	60.9 KB
ID:	35901 Open, which is a center console and the cuddy.
      1988 26' cuddy
      1975 20' open
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        Just going by what I see on line but it need not be 20 ft 21 22 all work maybe this isn't a keel drive?


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          Rhearne, I did not see where you said what you would be using it for.

          If you are looking for a fast ski boat, Shamrock is not it. Some use it for wake-boarding and even slow skiing, but you need to check with other owners of the particular model boat you are interested in to see if it is a good choice. Excellent fishing boat! The keeled boats generally are a little slower than the geldings (tunnel) but offer great protection for the running gear. (I have a 26, 351, full keel.) Also, as 351's are no longer produced, GM 350 based engines are most used for re-powering. Things to look out for include: engine bed remains solid, some have experienced soft decks, excessive steam vapor in exhaust indicating reduced cooling flow through the exhaust manifolds/risers (normal issue, replace every 3-5 years), Let time fuel tanks were replaced, etc. There are many past posts on the subject of what to watch out for when buying. (Fairly easy to search.)
          C Rhodes
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            C Rhodes thanks for input
            My Bucket list of use:
            fish/ cruise the rivers and locks of Tennessee and Alabama to the gulf of Mexico. At my age it's the journey, so speed is not Home on list.
            Will go back and do a better search but sounds like just the normal boat stuff.


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              The older 20's where narrower. Like in the pictures. The picture you posted is a newer "wide body" which actually had a recessed deck. similar but different boat. Easier to walk around. Notice it at the forward hatch
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