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  • Fiberglass

    Here's a question for the site moderator or anyone else. So I am going to build a new deck hatch on my 20fter. The L shaped one that covers the rear opening on the engine cover. I have the old style "flat" one and I want to convert it to the wide body "step" style.

    I got some 1/4" birch plywood to use for a core. So how much room should I give my dimensions when I cut the plywood for the glass overlay? What kind of glass schedule should I use? I will probably have to reinforce the core inside since it will be used like a stair tread?
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    If it were my boat, I would go with 1/4". 3 layers of 1 1/2 oz matt on the outside and an extra layer of some kind of heavy woven inside on the step and turn downs. Could use something like 1708 or whatever you have. Maybe just glass in a piece of 3/4" plywood in the step.
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      Haven't seen this mentioned here about working with FG. Doing a small project it's easy to mix too much vs too little for each coat. In my shop, we'd stick the unused in a freezer to slow the kick, and have the project in a warm area. Lots less waste, you'd be surprised how long it lasts. Works for body plastic too, "oops I need to get that spot I didn't see".