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  • Meanwhile at the Islander
    '78 20ft Cuddy
    Mercruiser 350 FWC preVortec w/Carb

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    Isn’t that Jerry’s back yard?
    1990 26’ open 351W Indmar
    1987 30’ Blackwatch twin 351W Crusaders (sold)


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      It's such a sh*t show around here for the commercial guys these days. I have one customer that runs to SC or Virginia to get fresh shrimp to sell because of the closures. The guys that have bigger boats can go in the ocean to get the shrimp but unfortunately most don't have the bigger boats. You should check out the batsh#t crazy flounder regs we have! You have all the super wealthy jackwagons from the Triangle that joined the CCA and come down here and push their agenda to shut these guys down. They have no idea how many lives they continue to ruin. They think it's just the fisherman......they don't realize nor care that they the fisherman are just the tip of the spear when it comes to the local economy. But then again they're are government employees. Do I need to say more? Stupid a$%h*les!! It's so ironic to...I'll be servicing refrigeration equipment for some of these guys when a dit dot comes to town from the Triangle and they will show up to buy some fresh local seafood. When they're told no there is none, they ask why. They proceed to get an earful from the fisherman...with last words usually F-Off......go back to Raleigh/Cary!!! Jerry would know the regs alot better than me.


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        Close. Very close

        '78 20ft Cuddy
        Mercruiser 350 FWC preVortec w/Carb


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          This all started years ago when some Know it all elitist pinhead moved to New Bern and was "appalled" by the boats killing all the fish. Typical gov't reaction. A bunch of politically appointed bureaucrats and pseudo intellects sitting in small cubbies in Raleigh making decisions about things they know nothing about. This fight is a microcosm

          of what is happening everywhere in every aspect of our lives. One freedom at a time comrade.
          1988 26' cuddy
          1975 20' open
          16' Sandpiper
          14' Certified Fiberglass


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            Again, government oversees a sides with the wealthy
            Just wishin', and hopen', and dreamin'