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Flushing system

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    Originally posted by Mako2 View Post
    Good point about the screen. Looking closer to the drawing ours was slightly different but very much the same idea. We had the “T” on the inlet side of the strainer. My thought was it also allowed the strainer to be flushed. As there were seasons where we were running after freezing temps arrived. When we got back to the dock after a fishing trip we put potable antifreeze in the bucket and ran the engine pulling the antifreeze mix from the bucket until we saw antifreeze coming out of the exhaust. All we were ever out was around 2 gallons of antifreeze on a trip but we fortunately never had a freeze up problem.
    Yup, thats how we winterize. Not that I have in years if the boat stays in the water.. Global warming ya kno. Just reminded me to send AlGore some money for more carbon credits. Y'all buy them doncha.
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      Good point about the screen..boi hrmsteatv apk
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        This is my flush out system. Simple addition of a hose bib to the rw hose.
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          This what I intend to install.

          Install after the shutoff valve at the intake to the cooling system.
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