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Battery suggestions please

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  • Battery suggestions please

    I’m pretty sure I’m coming up on time to replace my batteries. I’d appreciate any suggestions on what to get.

    The batteries in there are Lifeline AGMs and they’ve served me well, but I wonder if they’re overkill. I rarely run any accessories except when underway. I would like to have batteries that can make it through sub-freezing temperatures in the winter without having to take them out of the boat and bringing to the house.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I have had good luck with Deka AGM made by east Penn Manufacturing. Not sure about sub freezing part we don't take the batteries out of cars when it goes below freezing. Trickle charging them off season has been a big help for mine i still have the same batteries that came with the boat when i bought it in 09.
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      I usually get 5 years out of the Interstate group 27 marine deep cycle batteries I get from Costco. Reasonable price and life IMO.


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        I usually call my local Interstate distributor (NOT retail). I tell them I'm looking for "blems" . (Understand distributors can NOT sell retail good batteries, but if they are "blemished" their non-compete agreement with stores is waived) . Been buying from them for years, never seen anything as much as flyshit wrong w/ them, & the price is right.


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          Thanks for the advice. Perhaps possibly inspired by QuickFix "Changing Times" post, I went to my regular battery guy where I always get good customer service. I opted for the DeKa, but I didn't go for the AGM since these are pretty much just starting batteries. They seemed a lot lighter than the previous AGMs which is welcome since I think the hill to my pier is getting steeper (or I'm getting older, but I'm pretty sure it's the hill)


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            Its the hill, have noticed the phenomena all over
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              Definitely the hill.
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                The AGM's are less effected from little use sitting there.
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                  Out of curiosity, has anyone tried the battery "rejuvination" method that is posted on YouTube?
                  There are numerous posts about it and it sounds legit.
                  I always thought that the plates would warp doing it.
                  Butit seems they dont.