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It ran fine last year...

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  • It ran fine last year...

    I just attempted my first trip out this year. I idled out of the creek and the engine crapped out. After many attempts, the engine re-started, but ran rough. It will rev up in neutral, but under load it would rev to about 3,000 but then bog down.

    The last time I went out was in the late fall to warm it up so I could change the oil. It ran fine then. I put 20 Gallons of fresh gas in this week.

    I’m about to check the fuel filters, but I’d sure appreciate some other ideas for things to check.

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    I would check for corrosion in the distributor (cap, rotor, reluctor, etc.) What engine is it?
    1998 260 Mackinaw Sea Maxx 5.7 HO TBI 12' Klamath w/ 20hp Tohatsu EFI


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      Sounds like water in your tank to me. Exact same symptoms I had with my inboard Mako years ago.
      Clyde, Pasadena, Maryland
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        The motor is a 5.7 Fuel injected PCM.

        I was thinking water too, so I drained and replaced the filters. I have two filters; the one in the FCC and a water separator filter ahead of that. The gas looked pretty stale, but I didn't see any water in it. I'd like to believe that I was running on the stale gas in the filters and now that the new filters are filled with fresh gas, it will run right, but I know enough to realize that boat problems rarely get fixed that easily.