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  • Transducer

    I’m looking it replacing the original thru hull transducer that came in my boat. I can purchase a replacement that uses the 2” hole that’s already there or I can get a flush mount by cutting the hole just a little bit bigger. I am curious if the keel will interfere with the sonar at all. Where the transducer is in my boat is just aft of the transmission on the starboard side. Either option I decide on will only be a couple inches from the keel and where that is the keel is about nine inches. I know in hull transducers will shoot through the hull and there aren’t any issues. Don’t know about the keel though
    thanks in advance

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    The transducer shoots a cone down. You can check the angle of the cone and see if it intersects the keel.
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      I installed a flush-mount transducer in my 23' WA, and it works great. Mine is just aft of the transmission on the starboard side. I enlarged the thru-hull for the raw water intake, which I never use.

      When you order the flush-mount transducer, you need to know the correct angle. I don't remember off-hand, but know that I found the correct angle by searching the Shamrock forum (I think it was the other site; before this one was established)
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