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Windshield trim alternative

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  • Windshield trim alternative

    I did a search and found what I think is the replacement for the windshield trim for our boats. I found it through the pompanette website. It’s $4/ft which is expensive considering there is roughly 55 feet of it covering all the glass in a cuddy. Has anyone found something different to use? I know the glass is bonded in place with urethane or something similar and the rubber is just for looks but I’m having a hard time spending that much on this rubber. What if any are my options, or what has someone else done?
    thanks adam

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    I only had to replace the windshield stuff so I bit the bullet and got the pompanette stuff, but if doing again I think I would do a 1/4 round rubber seal against the glass with a bead of black silicone around the aluminum frame edge to blend in the back side and shed water. I checked with a couple of local auto glass repair places and they had close, but not quite the same, options. You may do that and get something close so only a small amount of silicone needed for final seal.
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      Thanks Karen. I think I might just buy some sort or adhesive sealant in caulk tubes and fill in the void where the seal is. Seems I could lay a nice bead and took it around.