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Photos for new Shamrock website

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  • Photos for new Shamrock website

    Hey everyone, as I mentioned in my last post, Shamrock Boats inc. will be launching our new web site at the end of January. We are in need of some more high resolution boat photos for the site. If you have a high res photo of your boat you would like posted on our site, please email to [email protected]. We need pics we can license to the website so pics only of your boats. No generic web pics. We would like a couple of open fish pics, some cuddy and some pilot house at a minimum. Pics should not have any people in them and not show the name of the boat. Stock or custom configurations of vessel is fine. Thanks ahead of time
    Shamrock Boats inc.

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    I looked ..most of mine have my family in them. Here is one from the ramp and one from in the water (would have been better if the engine cover/seat would have been in place)
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      Hey Don,
      You can use any of the pics and drawings I made that were on the CD I sent you. Some of the drawings of the Boynton boats (mostly 20' OF, CC, PH and WT) are of hi-res jpeg's. You are welcome to us my stuff openly.
      Good luck on your "Rebirth"!
      If it doesn't say SHAMROCK, it doesn't say much

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      '68 Bertram 20' Bahia Mar


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        Thanks Nay, The new website will be launching at the end of the month. I'm going to send you, Jerry, and a couple others the development page for review before we launch. I'll be hoping for some feedback and any needed corrections on history if nessasary. Currently working with a local fiberglass company on mold reproduction and possible modifications to the narrow 20. Thanks for all the help so far. Lots more to come soon. Meeting with Richard Shepard in Feb to set up something of a joint effort in parts supplies for customers. Hope you are well. Talk soon.


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          I believe the 20 wide body was so much more boat than the the narrow. The cockpit area was huge for a twenty footer. That’s what sold me on the Shamrock a great boat for fishing, a closed transom with so much area for fishing. Loved it so much I moved up to a 26’

          photo wide body 20’
          1985 26 Cuddy PCM 5.7 vortec
          1991 20 Predator PCM 5.8
          San Diego


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