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    What a choice we have. A feeble minded puppet of the America haters and the corrupt establishment, or an obnoxious, loud mouthed ego maniac who actually loves this country. I kinda like this country the way it is, so I have no choice. Actually like it the way it was. The thought of a Democrat victory scares the hell out of me. Democratic voters actually like the way the big cities are and I don't. Democratic voters want the govt. to take care of them, tell them how to live. I choose to make my lifestyle decisions and take care of myself. JMO of course.
    As Reefbreak told me, debate proves that kindergarten teachers are underpaid.
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    I could not bring myself to watch. Kind of sad this is the best we have to put forward to run our country. Both parties are scraping the bottom of the barrel. In their defense...who would want the job in the first place.


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      The way I figure it I have no choice other than vote for Trump. The other side wants to give everything away to illegal immigrants and I didn't work my whole life to support people that shouldn't even be in this Country. They would also take my guns and hunting privileges, things that I love doing. Their Country would be like that of Nazi Germany prior to and during the war.
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        At about 3 minutes in my wife looked at me and said, "these two are really the best our country could come up with?" Sad to think of it that way, but she's right. Agree with all that's been said. Even though I don't think Trump really represents my values, you gotta vote Republican if you are against socialism. I'm nervous about his refusal to denounce white supremacist groups though...that could really hurt his chances. I don't think he is an extreme racist like he'll be made to look like, but I really think he needed to confirm that he doesn't support racial violence to drive that point home.
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          Maybe I misunderstood the wording...but did Uncle Joe say that he wanted a "non fossil fuel military" by 2035???
          And he wants to pay a ransom to Venezuela to stop harvesting/burning the rain forest???

          I can just see it now...our soldiers not being able to drive a tank to battle because it's a cloudy day and the solar panels won't charge the tank's batteries...

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            I just wish Trump let Biden continue before countering his lies. It bailed him out and would have given a better chance for Biden to do one, or more, of his major gaffs. I'm with Clyde and Jerry and hope the Dems nasty tactics and lies are rejected this election up and down ticket so we can let our free enterprise system flourish again.


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              I thought it wasn't worth my time about 15 minutes in. But I did listen to enough to hear trump tell the ProudBoys to stand down and stand by. Not exactly a denouncement but then he tried to point out where the violence was coming from. Point and counter point. Biden said Antifa wasn't an organized group. Really? Then where are the u-haul trailers with malitov cocktails, baseball bats and bricks and signs coming from?
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                I agree that Trump was overbearing and he interrupted alot more than usual. But I think it was on purpose to rattle Beijing Bidens deteriorating mind. Which worked in my opinion. I think he was about to crack.


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                  He is a bit busy running a country, dealing with a pandemic, rebuilding a deliberately crashed economy, fending off demonic attacks from every direction imaginable, working on Middle East peace which have garnered him three Nobel Peace prize nominations, shall I go on???? All the while Basement Biden studies daily in his home for the final exam. All hat, no cattle... and his platform kills babies and wants to practically overthrow us into Socialism / Communism. No need for a debate.
                  So what, he's got an ego....and says what anyone else only thinks.. Bravo...we've needed someone like that to go up against the Dems.
                  He's the captain of the ship. The captain that many can't stomach when he opens his mouth. Brash, confident, cocky and well seasoned in many things about this ship that only a select few are.. Heading out of the storm...we will be damn glad he'was at the helm during the turbulence. Wind, waves, disgruntled crew...yet we land on terra firma.
                  Weathered worn and outspoken....I'd give him the helm again in this weather.

                  My 2 cents.

                  I dont hate the left at all. im just perplexed by anyone wanting anarchy, loss of the second ammendment and the destruction of the greatest country in the world.

                  Ok...i feel better..


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                    People have already made their minds up. Trump's strategy was to remove the support of the far left from Biden. They're not going to vote for Trump, but they may stay home. He did a pretty good job, but failed to close on some haymakers.

                    Trump has denounced white supremacists, time and time again. What more does he have to say? It's like the "when did you stop beating your wife" question. For Pete's sake,he is (was) a NY centrist his entire life. Never before had he been even associated with racial indiscretions. In fact, the exact opposite. is true. People have short memories and relentless propaganda works.

                    The idea that white supremacy is some widespread issue is leftist projection and media-spurred nonsense. I've seen this broken record before in history. They're not the ones burning, rioting, looting and murdering. Why was Biden not asked to denounce Antifa and BLM?

                    As far as I am concerned, I cannot think of any politician who could withstand 4 years of a despicable political setup and relentless legal witch hunt - knowing of one's complete innocence - with the stamina and mindset to concentrate on running the world's superpower effectively as Trump has done. It's remarkable. I could care less about his brashness or rudeness. If anyone deserves to be a "Richard" to these malfeasant co-conspirators, it's him.
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                      Well said. I wouldn't have his job even if I was smart enough to have it. Heck, I wouldn't even apply for it with all of the jackasses up there. I like him because of what Jerry said. He loves his country. Confidence and determination to win are good qualities for a president. He comes across as immature when he is speaking sometimes but the economy tells you that he knows what he is doing. Others up there like Chuck and Nancy are hurting the country because of the chip they have on their shoulder. They aren't doing what they were elected for. I wonder how Trump would act if the swamp was completely drained. WE NEED TERM LIMITS.
                      I'm not embarrassed to be an American. I'm not embarassed to like the way this country was before it became a freak show in some ways. I think Trump thinks the same way.
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                        All good comments. My two cents -

                        One is too feeble and one can not control the throttle on his mouth.

                        The feeble one has a history of demonstrating that acquiring some family wealth can be commingled with representing the country while attempting to grow his power and influence. The other is an accomplished boisterous bully who has successfully provided leadership to the country in spite of over $30 million in lies and unpatriotic attempts to remove him while his family sacrifices significant amounts of wealth in order for him to fulfill his commitment to perform his duties to the country without allowing any commingling.

                        I feel our country will be safer continuing with the bully, and I do not think it would be fair for anyone to expect the feeble one to be capable of placing our country above him using his power to improve his family wealth.

                        Between their VP's? - I definitely go with the bully's less radical VP.
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                          I am with the narcissistic bastard to the end but I found myself screaming ASSHOLE at the TV over and over again when he spoke out of control. The right-wing is with him all the way and there is no need to tickle their fancy. He NEEDS to sway the undecided. I don't think he did that in this go-round. If Trump could have just acted like a sitting president running on his record Biden would have eventually shot himself in the foot. I am sure members of the Senate and House who hope to ride his coattails were not happy. He must do better. He needs the fence-sitters to win. My two cents.

                          regards Holty


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                          One other observation on Trump's interrupting, and it's again an indication of how hypocritical the left is, is the tactics we've seen time and time again when a conservative tries to give a speech at a college campus they are shouted down by the leftists and not allowed to make their point. Hmmm, seems they don't like it when a conservative gives it back to them in the same way. A sad state of affairs we can't have a conversation without rude behavior that stifles the expression of ideas. This is the fruit of what Hillary said "we'll be civil when we get back in power" and "resist' when she lost the election in 2016. Thanks a lot Hillary! Enough ranting for now...


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                            Then I saw him speaking in Massachusetts on tv around 7:45 last night at the rally and he sounded good.
                            1980 pilot house 351
                            1988 260 predator 408