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What to include in an onboard tool kit

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  • What to include in an onboard tool kit

    Been thinking and over the winter want to put together a tool kit to keep on board, probably in an orange ammo box. Currently i just have a mess of tools in the dash from the rebuild. I have my ideas but would like to hear from others. From tools to parts to keep on board. Particular sizes of wrenches, parts that are common to fail/easy to replace. Anything else that may be handy. But can fit in an ammo box.
    thanks in advance

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    I keep a spare impeller and the proper size Allen wrench to replace it, a couple of screwdrivers and a Tow Boat membership card!


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      They now make 'snake' cameras at a reasonable price, that and a good waterproof flashlight that can lay in the bilge to brighten the area while you search for the nuts and bolts you will inevitably lose.
      basic wrenches, crescent wrench (or monkey wrench if you prefer), maybe a 'cheater bar' for extra leverage and reach, spare fuses, small container of white grease, a roll of electrical tape and duct tape, spare serpentine belt, diagonal cutters and a couple of (preferred style) wire connectors.
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        I'm always tinkering so rather than carry tools to the boat, I have a pretty complete set on the boat. Each boat. Harbor freight stuff. Wrenches, screwdrivers, hammer, pliers, sockets, etc. In addition to the basic tools I have a packing nut wrench, RW impeller, electronic ignition, multi-meter, wire terminal kit and a Boat U.S. card.
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          I have a tool box I carry from boat to boat with me and I even take it on friends boats. They think I’m crazy but it has gotten us out of a bind more than once! I also keep various spare bulbs and fuses in it and I rigged up a 12 gauge piece of wire about 20 feet long with alligator clips in case I ever need to bypass something in a pinch to get back.


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            Originally posted by Quik Fix View Post
            I have a pretty complete set on the boat. Each boat.
            Me too. I do all my own maintenance. I use my on-board tools, to make sure they're adequate for the job. If I do a job that requires a tool not already in my box, I'll add that tool to the box. I really don't want to be broken down on the ocean without the proper tool.

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              Spare WP impeller and belt, spare EYEGLASSES