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Advice on keeping on water for first time

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  • Advice on keeping on water for first time

    93 22 open 351w pcm

    First off this is a great forum for information. I bought my boat in march and first time shamrock owner. Replaced tank and I have run the boat 20+ miles offshore so far.

    Renting a house in Crystal river and going scalloping on the gulf coast of Florida for 9 days next week. First time leaving the boat in the water and using it everyday for an extended period.

    All the safety gear. Life jackets, plb, spare gps handheld, handheld radio. New impeller, new belts. plan on leaving most parts in the truck but a list of spares.
    fuel filter
    fuel hoses
    water hoses
    spare trailer tire
    should have all the tools needed

    First time leaving it in the water. Exhaust system seems good without diving to deep into it.

    Hoping for the best but trying to be on top of things.

    Probably a 25-30 mile run everyday. Would anyone add anything or have something else close by? Any Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Couple of thoughts:
    • Rudder, shaft, and trim tab zincs (if not installed).
    • Working auto bilge pump/float switches. (I use two auto bilge pumps.)
    • Working navigation lights.
    • Extra oil and reduction gear fluid.
    • If you have Hynautic hydraulic steering might keep a bicycle pump on board for the remote possibility air pressure was low. (Check pressure now, before your trip.)
    • Spare key
    • Extra lines to set up the dock. Remember you may need to use a spring line. Also, if on a non-floating dock remember lines have to be set up for both low and high tides. This is best accomplished by tying the port side boat cleat to the starboard side dock cleat and vise-versa which forms an "X" with the stern lines. (You probably know this.)
    Sounds like you have a great trip coming up. Have lots of fun! Give us a report when you get back.
    C Rhodes
    26' Mackinaw - 1990
    351 Indmar (1990-2006: Great Engine)
    351 PCM (2006 - Current)
    Southport, NC


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      My only add on is maybe an over cautious thing... you say 'hand held', as in marine radio? I would be leery of heading out beyond cellular phone range without a ship to shore radio and a good antenna.
      Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania
      1986 Shamrock H/T with RWC 330 hp PCM, dual hydraulic helm
      1992 Mako 211CC w/Mercury Optimax 175
      3 other smaller OB boats and a trusty old canoe...


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        I have a ship to shore radio. The handheld is a just in case things go bad. I have one auto bilge for sure. Going to check tomorrow to make sure they work. Both bilges work on manual. Never had to do the float switch. But it is there and wired to work. Gonna try and change the oil and plugs this week. If I cant get to it then it will surely be do when I get back. I just replaced a wheel hub and bearing last month. Went to take out the boat today for test and last minute prep and bent the coupler on the trailer!! new one ordered and hopefully take it out this week for a run.

        Thanks everyone for the replies!