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NOS - Look at what I found

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  • NOS - Look at what I found

    I am the proud owner of what appears to be an unused Penn 49, still in the box. I inherited one of these a year ago after a friend died; it was dirty and frozen up. I cleaned it up, and was totally amazed. It is the smoothest reel I have ever used! And now I have a brand new one!

    A couple of questions.

    - What makes this reel so smooth? My theory is that it's because the reel is so narrow. Maybe the centripital force at the edge of wider reels interferes with the efficiency of the reel?

    - The reel was really heavy when I picked it up. Then I saw that it is loaded with metal line. My first thought was to replace the metal with 85# braided, and use the metal line as a lifetime supply of lingcod leader material. But before I do that, I thought I'd ask what are the advantages (if any) of metal line. For example, if I could get to the bottom of deep reefs using less lead, maybe I should keep the metal line on the reel? In short, why did people originally use metal line, and has the need for metal gone away with the invention of braided line?

    Thanks for your input.

    ​​​​​​​ Click image for larger version

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    Clint Smith
    Idaville, Oregon
    '93 22' Warrior (Walkaround)

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    Metal line is still in use...
    Many guys on Erie use it in place of lead core or trolling sinkers.

    I've been kicking around loading a few reels with it for the late season deeper walleye bite instead of running 7 colors of lead core with snap weights.

    About the only drawback is if you let it kink, you're looking at weak spot that will break easily and it will need cut out of the spool. - oh and you need roller guides on your rod for it to work correctly and not ruin the eyes.

    By the way, I think the old Penns run so smooth is because they were made in America by caring hands!
    1986 26' HT w/5.7 PCM 330HP RWC


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      Thats what we used trolling blues on L.I., back in the day. Wonder what happened to mine?
      1988 26' cuddy
      1975 20' open
      31 Grand Slam
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        I have one of those collecting dust somewhere in the shop along with a few 4/0 Senators. Stopped using the wire 20 years ago. Too much of a PITA plus the drag with a plug or umbrella rig feels like a fish before you even hook a fish. I have graduated to the Mojos trolled with 60lb braid 130-150' back. Six ft Medium/heavy stick with a medium size reel makes for enjoyable trolling and the mojos do catch.

        regards Holty


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          Originally posted by Quik Fix View Post
          Thats what we used trolling blues on L.I., back in the day. Wonder what happened to mine?
          Its not here


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            Funny. Was that is some of the stuff you sold me Squid?

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          Thanks for the input, guys. I'll use this mostly for bottom jigging (lingcod & rockfish). Looks like my best bet is to switch out the metal line for braid.

          I use metal leader for lingcod, 'cause the big ones often cut the leader with their teeth. I guess I have a lifetime supply of leader stock now.
          Clint Smith
          Idaville, Oregon
          '93 22' Warrior (Walkaround)