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Unicorn reef runner Shamrock?

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  • Unicorn reef runner Shamrock?

    So I have a leaflet for a reef runner but I have never seen one or knew if they were actually produced.

    Tonight I saw the answer on craigslist, for those that are interested they made at least one.


    Hopefully I put this post in the right place,

    20 Shamrock Cuddys, various
    It says there isn't enough room for.the rest... But
    My wife said their all mine if we get a d-vorce

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    Looks like an open with a dodger. Anything else special?
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      From the flyer and memory of std. equipment at the time... I think it was the "removable fiberglass dodger," reef green hull sides and a few things that quickly became standard like the hawse pipes. That is part of why I wondered if it was ever produced.

      Makes it kind of look like an old 28 Blackfin.

      Having been in a front enclosed 26 shammy with esinglass curtains to behind the helsman and canvas Dodger in 12 foot seas I can see where having part of the water run off somewhere else, anywhere else would be very interesting.

      I would guess it would kind of make it like a 20 cabin, not quite big enough to be useable for an adult... My guess as why the dodger is only on in one picture.


      20 Shamrock Cuddys, various
      It says there isn't enough room for.the rest... But
      My wife said their all mine if we get a d-vorce


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        Bow dodgers are great for some dry(er) storage or shade for dogs. We had a canvas one made with a front drop open window for the Mako and it was great for some days but folded down easily into a storage boot when not needed. Not sure how a fiberglass one would be for regular use. Wonder what it weighed and how awkward it would be getting it on and off the boat?
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          I was thinking same thing about the awkwardness of that fiberglass dodger. Does not seem like much head room under there even when sitting. The bimini also seems pretty low. Looks like it is in good shape. I would have to imagine that she generally gets used as a 26 open.


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            Looks like the console might be a bit bigger. Or is it just me?
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