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Macerators for sale ( 2 )

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  • Macerators for sale ( 2 )

    Contact me if interested. READ FIRST- they were sold to me as "24VDC" BUT- controls inside box say "12V". Go figure.
    Probably work OK on 12V if you eat a lotta' Mexican

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    Sort of interested...

    Did you run them on 12 volts to confirm they are 12 volt?
    What are the physical size measurements?
    What size plumbing for intake and discharge?

    Would they be powerful enough to grind puked up bait from in a fish box?

    OR - post up the make & model and I can probably find the info on the cloud...

    1986 26' HT w/5.7 PCM 330HP RWC


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      Here's my Craigs ad
      I have not tried them at all, was going to use them as pumps from RV to home sewer discharge. I added adapters to RV sewer hose, can remove them & give you accurate sizes if interested, + any brand/model info. If they'll grind up a big turd they probably work on a fish box
      Ron 410-591-3504